The BBC Summer Good Food Show – an invitation (Part 2)

by Sunita on June 19, 2009

In my last post, I had mentioned about some of the experiences of my invitation to the BBC Summer Good Food Show along with a virtual record of the various stalls. In today’s post, I’m going to give you some more pictures of  other celebrity chef demonstrations and also the hands – on Miele cookery experience that we bloggers were a part of.

After a good look around the stalls, we were tired. There were simply too many stalls and too many people. We were hot and actually out of breath by the end of the  nearly one and a half hours of exploring which including dodging people to take pictures and a lot of tasting in the stalls. Our little group of myself, Naomi and Celine ( we didn’t realise how we came to be separated from the other five) decided to take a breather in the fresh air before our hands on cookery session. Gardeners World Live was also going on outdoors and people were flocking there too…some wonderful signs-

After a little chit chat, we went indoors once again to join the rest of the group. The friendly Miele representative gave us a quick tour of their latest home appliances, which elicited quite a few oohs and aahs!

It was now time to don our aprons and get involved in the Miele Cookery Experience.

The stage is set, and the audience is ready!

This was a new addition to the show this year. It’s a unique opportunity for home cooks to take part in cookery sessions, learning from the experts. Participants would be able to enjoy the fruits of their labours in the backstage dining area. We were led by Sophie Michell. We would be using the Miele steam oven and make a Thai inspired fish (lemon sole) roll filled with crab meat, a mango salad and scallops. I hardly cook any shellfish at home (Dinesh is allergic to them), and this was a chance to try out some recipes. We followed Sophie’s lead and after some fussing, great help from the assistants and doing away with dodgy knives and peelers, we managed to produce some lovely plates of food, even better as there was the recipes did not need any addional fat.

Getting ready!

Chop, mix! Chop, mix!


Jan, Nic and Sylvie in action!

Relax and smile! Salad’s done! Fish is in the oven!

The cooking done, we sat down to taste the fruits of our labour, (clicking photos first, of course ) which was quite good, actually, considering the fact that all this was done in front of a live audience ( quite outside my comfort zone) !

Ah! The food’s ready! Naomi’s ready with hers too!

When food bloggers sit down to eat…

My mango salad…


and the fish roll

After all the eating, we recieved our goodie bags from Miele which included a wonderful cookbook and chocolates. We said our goodbyes, though a few of us ( myself, Nic and Anne) did wander around a bit more to take in  a few last glimpses. Finally, it was time to leave, what was, a wonderful day among wonderful food and equally wonderful people.

This was a great opportunity to see such a wonderful variety of food on display, some known, some unknown. It was a chance to meeet the producers face to face and try out many new products. It was also nice to be among people who were so passionate about what they ate, and those celebrity chefs, like The Hairy Bikers, who inspite of not possessing any professional training, were trying their best, in their light hearted manner, to make home cooked food popular, and also gave an insight into the diverse cuisines of the world, through their travels. It is very inspiring indeed.

The Hairy Bikers in action

Gino D’Acampo charms the audience

Yes, it was a nice day – the weather was great, the food was great and the people were fantastic. Of course, there was quite a lot of this,

and one did come across some interesting labels and signs like these-

…yes, the day was good.

Thanks again to everyone at Miele (especially Steph) for the invitation, for taking the pictures of me while cooking, and also to Dinesh for patiently ferrying me to and from the event.

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Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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1 Happy Cook June 19, 2009 at 1:20 pm

I got goosebumbs reading your expirence, it was really nice of you to share the expirience with all of us.
I can believe you guys got lost from the group with so many people .


2 Lubna Karim June 19, 2009 at 1:54 pm

Oh wow that’s a fun filled experience….pics show you had nice time out there… look awesome….you rock dear…


3 Lakshmi June 19, 2009 at 6:18 pm

i can see you gleaming with joy in those pics.
very well wriiten post. I read every word and it felt as if I were a part of it too.
you sure deserved this treat and tour dear Sunita, for all your efforts.


4 siri June 19, 2009 at 6:48 pm

Lovely post and beautiful pics Sunita. Thanks for sharing with all of us.



5 pavithra June 19, 2009 at 9:13 pm

wow thats another lovely part , thanks for sharing with us


6 Kalai June 20, 2009 at 12:00 am

Cooking in front of a live audience? Wow! What an awesome experience! Looks like you had a fantastic time! :)


7 Dolon June 20, 2009 at 5:36 am

Wow … Lovely post & what a great experience …
Thanks for sharing all the experience with us …


8 Priya June 20, 2009 at 6:07 am

Wat a lovely post and thats shows you had nice time…You deserve for all your efforts u r putting yaar!


9 Munni June 20, 2009 at 6:46 pm

Nice post, thanks for sharing your experience with us.


10 Rosa June 21, 2009 at 12:43 am

Great! I’m too shy for that ;-P…




11 Miri June 22, 2009 at 9:49 am

Super cool experience! and some great memories!


12 sheels June 22, 2009 at 3:31 pm

Hey Sunitha,
I am happy for you. You are so talented and very encouraging for new cooks like me:)
You look so calm and happy. Keep up the good work!!
I am really glad that I stumbled across your website. Not only your recipes are good, the story behind and the way you interpret has made me venture baking and cooking.
Wish to meet you sometime, probably when i visit UK :) )


13 CurryLeaf June 23, 2009 at 9:22 am

Great experience you had watching all the great chefs,new products and also cooking live.An experience to be cherished and definitely to be repeated -you are an expert cook .Thanks for the great posts.


14 Psychgrad July 1, 2009 at 3:37 am

Wow! Look at all of that amazing food. Sounds like a very cool experience for you. I’ve never been at a show that has so many products for sale. You got quite a number of good pictures, despite the crowd.


15 The Gypsy Chef January 19, 2010 at 1:55 pm

I’ve been exploring your blog. How fun was this! What a great experience. I enjoy reading your blog, and checking out your recipes. I found you through Neeta’s blog whom I found through Ujwala Sament (a great friend). Keep up the good work. Your blog is Fantastic!


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